Seattle Local Bubble Tea Guide

Seattle Local Bubble Tea Guide

Bubble Tea: Seattle

Seattle is the Mecca of the tea lovers in the western US. The city has seen the boom of bubble tea Seattle culture in the past 3 years on the level only New York did. In this guide, the popular places to enjoy this kind of tea are stored in one place. Think of this as a local guide to the best boba Seattle places in the city.


This is one of the most visite boba places in Seattle in 2019 according to Yelp. There are two main locations of the modern pit stop for bubble tea:

  • Between First Hill and Squire Park Minor (530 Broadway Street)
  • East of Wallingford, in the University Heights District (1100 NE 45th St #100)

The store has casual interiors suitable mostly for a self serve with various kinds of refreshing teas. Notably, they offer the following categories of teas on the go:

  • Fruit Tea
  • Milk Tea
  • Fresh Milk
  • Signature
  • Brewed Tea
  • Ice Blended

The most interesting part is that behind all those categories you’ll taste the boba tea in all possible representations. ShareTea claim that they’re the pioneers of the boba tea industry, and the number of stores on par with brand popularity they have over the US proves that.


Oasis is the large bubble tea chain store in several places accross Seattle. Currently, they have 3 locations scattered accross the city:

  • University of Washington (4524 The Ave)
  • Capitol Hill (606 E Pine St)
  • Chinatown-International District (519 6th Ave S)

Oasis is the brand that knows how to hype right about the design and cool trends considering bubble tea culture. Their stores are decorated under the idea of “space tea exploration,” and you can see flying tea jetpack testers murals on the walls, funny scultupes, and so on. Let’s look what they offer in boba categories:

  • Milk Tea
  • Flavor Tea
  • Slush
  • Snow
  • Specialty
  • Smoothie
  • Real Fruit Juice

If you look for a hyped-out bubble tea ceremony, then visit Oasis in the first place. They have cool interiors and memorable bubble tea glasses.


Chatime is the place where you’ll enjoy highly-decorated, Taiwanese-themed hot, iced and blended bubble and boba teas. We located two tea spots in Washington, yet they seem quite distanced from one another being in the opposite parts of Seattle:

  • University of Washington (4701 Brooklyn Ave NE)
  • Beacon Hill (6014 Martin Luther King Jr Way S)

The interior of the store is minimalistic with the accent on modernity. That’s a quiet tea place where you sit, think, and meditate over a cup of cold and fresh bubble milk tea. Somehow, the interiors reminded us of a old-fashioned middle-shcool canteen. Chatime offers:

  • Signature Milk Teas
  • Sea Salt Crema and Tea Latte
  • QQ Juice
  • Fresh Tea and Teapresso
  • Special Mix Tea
  • Smoothie and Slush

Boba Up

The iconic place in the world of bubble tea fans in Seattle. It’s known for its underground, party-like atmosphere. They make an accent on the self serve takeaways of tea, yet evening visitors don’t mind spending time in front of the store chatting and hanging out casually. There is a single Boba Up tea place in Seattle:

  • University of Washington (4141 University Way NE)

The key feature is that they do not have any special kinds of tea to offer. All is done via self serve. You’re the creator of a perfect bubble tea blend, Boba Up believes in that. They offer such components of self serve for mixing up the boba:

  • Cup
  • Toppings
  • Ice
  • Fill
  • Seal

If you want to refresh your knowledge about bubble tea and its diversity on the tea market, follow the link below: