Buddha Teas Brand Guide

Buddha Teas Brand Guide

Buddha Teas Review

Let’s face it: for many of us, drinking tea is much more than just a striving to quench the thirst. It’s a whole ritual associated with departure to the world of gastronomic pleasure.

What constitutes a great cup of aromatic beverage? Fresh ingredients, high-quality tea leaves, and robust, natural taste. It all sounds great, but the problem is that there are thousands of brands selling “seamless” tea drinking experiences.

Yet, they can turn out not as great as you might have thought. And only some of them are true adherents to the ultimate tea philosophy and best production practices. One of the leaders in this industry is Buddha Teas – a brand that makes and sells tea with attention to customer needs.

“Each cup of tea is an imaginary voyage” – that’s the motto Buddha Teas swears by. Indeed, once you make a cup of their fresh and tasty tea, you feel like in a different universe. So, what makes their product so noteworthy, and what are the qualities of their teas? Let’s find out in this review.

Buddha Teas Range of Goods

You’ll hardly ever come across an e-store that sells as many teas as this brand does. The range of goods it offers to customers is impressive. Namely, you can order such products as:

  • Caffeine free, green, bark, chakra, herbal, matcha, root, flower, organic, and many other sorts of teas.
  • The store also features premium tea blends, CBD teas, loose leaf accessories, as well as gift baskets and bundles.

The price range will also not leave you indifferent, for you won’t need to spend a fortune on the brand’s tea bags.

For instance, one of their most expensive teas – Organic Darjeeling Loose Leaf – will cost you $48 for 300g (6 bags). That’s quite a fair financial investment into the betterment of your health.

Yes, the Buddha tea products have a number of healing properties which not every brand can boast of. Here’s what you can get from a single cup of their magic tea.

Buddha Tea Product Qualities 

Each individual category of this brand features a myriad of benefits for the human body. For example, the herbal teas section offers a wide selection of beverages that are rich in vitamin C, provide good source of iron, contain flavonoids, and improve sleep quality.

But if that’s not something you’ve been looking for, then you can find chaga mushrooms tea with alkalizing agent, containing a source of vitamin K and minerals. If still none of this is your cup of tea, you might find a pool of natural ingredients in classic green teas.

They are known for a bunch of natural Buddha tea ingredients that serve as a source of antioxidants, have rich, savory roasted taste, and smooth aroma.

Apart from general health benefits the brand guarantees to customers, there are other things you need to pay attention to. In particular, Buddha Teas is different from its competitors in view of pure quality.

The brand offers bleach-free tea bags, meaning that you won’t get harmed by byproducts such as dioxin and epichlorohydrin which are known for holding carcinogenic properties.

Also, their teas are 100 percent kosher, non-GMO, contain clean ingredients and packages made from recycled paper. Finally, you won’t find artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in tea bags.

Buddha Tea Brand Origins

The brand first emerged in 2009, when its founder, John Boyd, decided to provide tea lovers with the quality they deserve. His idea for giving a name to his brand came to mind during meditation in 2008, when he realized the importance of uniting tea fans under one powerful brand.

Since then, the top-quality manufacturing practices he’s been using right after the production of the first bundle haven’t changed. Such a passionate adherence to his endeavour deserves praise and separate attention. This is the factor which allows the whole enterprise to thrive, delivering customers the most exquisite drinking experiences ever to exist.

Buddha Teas USA Store

You can find the official store of the brand in Carlsbad, California. There, the staff works with devotion and careful selection of teas according to the needs of visitors.

Even the most demanding customers can find something suitable in the store, since it’s packed with a great assortment of goods and flavors. You can also get information on the availability of some teas by making a call – consultants will gladly answer all your questions and give you advice on which tea will grant the most benefits for your health.

Final Word

As you can see, Buddha Teas is a brand with big name and huge ambitions. What sets it apart from their competitors is an all-organic approach and premium-quality manufacturing practices.

Their non-GMO teas are the best choice for those who seek eco-friendly and tasty beverages, enriched with vitamins and unforgettable natural flavors. Still looking for an honest tea brand?

We’ve found it for you. Visit the Buddha Tea store and dive into the world of pleasurable drinking experiences that’ll improve your mood and better up your health.  

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