Taro Milk Tea – Fresh Summer Drink Guide

Taro Milk Tea – Fresh Summer Drink Guide

What could be better than a sip of a cold Taro milk tea on a hot summer day?

What Is Taro Milk Tea: Drink Summary

If you’ve ever tried bubble tea before, you’ll easily visualize the concept of taro milk tea, since it’s basically a purple variation of the former. The main particularity of this tea lies in the use of a key ingredient – a root plant derived from Colocasia Esculenta. Notably, the spectrum of its color is not limited to purple only. The plant also appears in white and pink. Where the heck did taro originate from, you may wonder. This outlandish plant was widely used in Southeast Asia and India before its popularity migrated to other parts of the world, such as China, Africa, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. Today, you can use taro not only to make tea but also prepare various dishes by frying, roasting, mashing, and boiling it.

How the Drink Became Popular

Once the world got to know the advantages and health benefits of the taro plant root, its global use started to escalate rapidly. And considering the fact that bubble tea was already a popular drink in Taiwan and other Asian countries, genius tea makers have decided to add taro to this tasty beverage. As a result, a fine combination of plant’s health benefits and amazing taste of classic green tea with milk and chewy tapioca balls emerged, turning out to be a match made in tea heaven. Together, these ingredients create a symphony of sweet, rich, and creamy taste.

Is Taro Milk Tea Beneficial for Health?

It would come as a surprise if we didn’t touch the subject of the health benefits of taro milk tea, for the list is huge. This drink contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, folate, and calcium, making it fully packed with essential minerals which every human needs. Apart from that, a single drink of taro milk tea brings you vitamins C, B and E, along with antioxidants which are also traceable in every type of tea. 

Yet, there’s one quality that makes this beverage especially appreciated on the tea market, which is a high concentration of fiber. This type of carbohydrate is responsible for regulating blood sugar level in our bodies, as well as making sure our digestive system works the way it should. Also, such a versatile contents of vitamins and minerals improves vision, circulatory and immune systems, and can even help prevent heart disease.

Can I Make Taro Milk Tea at Home?

Of course you can, and you should if you feel like pampering yourself with a delectable drink at home. You can buy taro powder, prepare some cups of milk tea and surprise your friends with this beautifully-looking and healthy beverage. You can also play with ingredients and go for adding a coco flavor, for example. In fact, there are countless recipes you can find and use to prepare a delicious tea, ranging from exquisite to more ordinary ones. Perhaps by trying out different ways of tea creation, you’ll eventually come to your own vision of a perfect taro tea, helping other drinkers to reach the balance of flavor they’ve been looking for. And once you get tired of adding taro only to your tea, you can easily switch to coconut pudding with tapioca pearls and taro, the taste of which will be no worse than that of a taro milk tea. 


What is Taro Milk Tea?

Taro milk tea is basically a regular Boba milk tea, only with taro root added as the main ingredient. The addition of this plant root grants a pleasant purple color to the entire drink. 

Buy or Make?

The choice depends much on your mood and budget. If you’re all for going to a tea shop and buy a big fancy cup of taro milk tea, why not? Only don’t forget to take a selfie with this drink and post a photo on Instagram for everyone to get jealous. But if you feel more like staying at home with a cup of hot tea and spending less money but more time for preparation, go ahead. 

Is it Hard to Make at Home?

It takes on average about 30 minutes, 6 ingredients, and 3 steps to make taro tea. So, it’s not that hard to make it at home. The only thing you need is desire to prepare this drink and readiness to sacrifice some time for the sake of a perfectly blended taro root and milk tea. 

What Ingredients Do I Need for Taro Milk Tea?

To prepare a cup of fresh taro milk tea, you’ll need water, loose-leaf jasmine green tea, taro powder, honey or sugar, half-and-half, dehydrated tapioca pearls and ice. Of course, the quantity of ingredients depends on your preferences and desires, but for a classic recipe, these will be enough.   

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